What We Do

We help corporations innovate at startup speed.

Web + Mobile + Desktop

Our team has decades of experience creating software. Our projects have created millions of dollars of value for our partners, and served hundreds of thousands of users. We craft solutions for all platforms including web, native mobile, and native desktop. We’ve built everything from knowledge bases to high frequency trading bots, from computer vision applications to competitor analysis solutions.


Our team has full stack AR/VR capabilities, from exploring business value, to programming, to 3d modeling and design. Creating AR/VR is more than just placing 3d assets in a space. It’s about creating immersive experiences that offer significant advantages over traditional 2d interfaces. Codelitt’s AR/VR team works closely with our UX department to ensure that users are not just interacting with objects in space, but are creating memorable experiences.


Our robotics team creates custom robots controllable by web software, native apps, or internal artificial intelligence. Robots are the new software, and will soon be “eating the world”. Investing early in robotic innovation will put you ahead of the curve and offer you a significant first-mover advantage. We’ve built robots for verticals such as customer happiness, transportation, and accessibility.


We have extensive experience in cryptocurrencies with deep knowledge of the technology and community. We’ve worked on numerous projects involving cryptocurrencies, from starting a bitcoin payroll company to building a high frequency trading bot that finds arbitrage opportunities between cryptocurrency exchanges.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Rather than just using off the shelf libraries, our AI team creates their own algorithms for multiple applications, including chatbots, autonomous robots, computer vision, and even a bot that learns how to play and beat DOOM.