Launching an AI assistant to enhance knowledge management for collaborators

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The client

Codelitt, a leading software and strategy firm, is acclaimed for its adeptness in delivering startup-like speed and innovation in building custom software solutions. With a focus on creating exceptional web and mobile applications, Codelitt ensures that user experience and technological craftsmanship lie at the core of their product strategy.

The Problem

Businesses across the globe are facing substantial losses due to inefficient knowledge management. Critical information is often misplaced or becomes inaccessible amidst employee transitions or when proper information architecture is lacking. This challenge is exacerbated when employees are hesitant to navigate through extensive documentation to find specific information.

The Solution

Codelitt introduced Tasketeer, a cutting-edge AI chatbot that serves as an intelligent information nexus. Tasketeer is a web application that allows the user to upload documents to its instance and then either use it as an independent chatbot, or integrate it with Slack. This self-hosted solution integrates seamlessly with various data sources like Google Docs, MongoDB, and Notion, to name a few. Tasketeer stands out with its ability to be integrated within Slack and websites, allowing users to interact with the bot through natural language queries. It smartly indexes and retrieves information, making it readily available to anyone with the right credentials, thus ensuring that the right information is delivered quickly and securely.

The Impact

Tasketeer has significantly transformed the way companies access and manage their internal knowledge. By providing a user-friendly chat interface on platforms like Slack and corporate websites, Tasketeer makes accessing information as simple as asking a question. This breakthrough has not only streamlined internal workflows but also empowered businesses to uphold data security and maintain control over their intellectual property. Tasketeer's implementation is a prime example of how Codelitt's innovative solutions are setting new benchmarks in the realm of enterprise knowledge management.

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