Navigating The Post Sale Handoff

To the uninitiated, talking with a technical sales rep can sometimes feel like listening to airport announcements in a foreign country; You know what you’re hearing affects you, but you don’t know what any of it means. Even worse, bad sales reps intentionally use this knowledge gap to lead you away from important questions like “what happens after the deal is closed”?

After a deal is closed, there’s usually an awkward transition where the account rep is done with their side and leaves the rest to the implementation team. This “handoff” can be clunky if it’s not handled correctly with proven, repeatable steps. Codelitt ensures this will be a smooth process before the deal is even inked by bringing in some of the developers, designers, and project managers that will likely be handling your projects. Likewise, our account reps stay accountable throughout the handoff. Not only does this help create a razor sharp and fully scoped service agreement but it also guarantees that you have familiarity with the team that will be creating the tech magic for you. There are no siloed processes where an overly excited Account Executive can promise you the world without fully grasping the limits of the company. We involve our developers and align them with your team so there are no surprises when it comes to the details. By starting our implementation team relationship early ensures we can hit the ground running when the work starts.

Familiarizing you with your Project Manager also gets the ball rolling on implementation much faster. Since we already know who will be handling the project, we can jump right into establishing the framework for collaboration such as organizing our regular sprint calls and creating Slack channels. In our weekly check-ins we establish clearly defined steps to meet that week's goals and align you with our dynamic, Agile process. We provide complete transparency in all stages of design and development by allowing access to daily, weekly and monthly reports via Google Analytics.

A great product is useless without implementation. Account rep’s responsibility does not end when a deal is signed. Codelitt promises our partners complete customer care and support. We provide complete transparency not only in the deal cycle but in everything that follows, and as a result, our success in implementation and client satisfaction is impeccable.

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Written by
Connor Roe 01 Aug 2018

Account executive with a passion for helping people, cooking, exploring, and scuba diving.


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